About us

There are a lot of agencies and people offering services like ours, it’s not really unique but we like to believe that our story is. The story starts with us. What if, just by educating potential customers to understand your value you can increase your sales? At Creative Genes Studios, we believe strongly in good communication, we believe that if people can clearly articulate problems and solutions, the world would be a better place. Communication is key and we are good at it. We want to help businesses clearly articulate the problem of their customers and also the solution to that problem.

What we do

As of January 2020, there are over 36 million active internet users in South Africa, people on average spend 9 hours on the internet, 3 hours on social media, and 3 hours on TV. Every year the number of people using the internet grows as the world becomes more digital, this presents new opportunities and challenges for businesses. The businesses that don’t adapt quickly enough will soon be disrupted as we’ve seen already with companies such as Netflix replacing traditional companies like Blockbuster.

Creative Genes Studios provides digital solutions for small businesses that will allow them to not only adapt to this digital age but also thrive with new opportunities. The fact is that even in 2020 most businesses in South Africa still don’t have a digital strategy for their businesses and as a result, they’re losing out to the businesses that are active online. Creative Genes Studios wants to bring small businesses online by growing their brand online with web services, digital marketing, and content creation.

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