There are a lot of agencies and people offering services like ours, it’s not really unique but we like to believe that our story is.

My name is Nick and I founded the company in 2017 when I discovered my passion for marketing while completing my final year in mechanical engineering at the University of Pretoria. I didn’t know much back then (I still don’t know much) about marketing but I was drawn in by how carefully created marketing campaigns can influence our attitude towards certain brands and the buying behavior that follows. A few years prior to that, I witnessed the power of the internet, and how Silicon Valley startups leveraged the internet to empower people and businesses at scale. The technology created around the internet meant that small businesses in Soweto can have access to the Cape Town market for free without having to leave Soweto. This presents limitless possibilities and a unique opportunity to help small businesses grow their business by leveraging the internet.

The goal then, as it still is now, was to help small businesses to bring them online, attract their ideal clients and also increase engagement with their customers online. The intention of Creative Genes is not necessarily to become a big Ad Agency dealing with big brands, the goal is to help small-medium sized businesses get ahead using simple to understand practical solutions.

Our focus is not only on providing marketing services but our emphasis is always on the practicality of the solutions and making sure it matches the needs of small businesses.

Nick Ndhlovu, Founder

Don't get left behind.

We help small businesses attract their ideal clients and keep their customers engaged. We do this through digital brand strategy, digital branding, and digital marketing. We help small businesses formulate a digital plan, and we make sure your brand matches what you represent through creative works then we help your business generate new business leads through digital marketing. This is how we help small businesses grow their small businesses.